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It's that time again: Breeder's Cup time!

I'm watching from home tonight; we rode as usual this morning and I'm fighting with the onset of a nasty chest cold. Tomorrow, though I'll be at Churchill Downs for the in-person experience.

The weather has taken a sudden turn for the cold and windy in the last week. The horses like it; there's a spring in their step, and they are bright and full of energy. Polo is a model horse to be around. He is patient and kind, and is an easy keeper. I haven't ridden him yet, but everyone that has really enjoys him.
I've been riding a little dun quarter horse named Zoom. It's a pretty appropriate name-- I really enjoy riding him, and feel like things are finally starting to click.

We've been taking a few field trips lately; on Monday we went to Churchill Downs to watch Breeders Cup contenders work, and met some of the biggest names in the business on the backside. We spoke at length with Pat Day and Otto Thorwath (who some of you may better know as Ron Turcotte in the new Secretariat movie). Then we met Wayne D. Lukas and Todd Pletcher, and watched several horses work on the track, including undefeated Juvenille starter Biondetti and champion Informed Decision.

Tonight we'll see her in action in the Filly & Mare Sprint. I'll update this as the races run!

HO SHIT WHAT. Drama in the Marathon, holy crap.
Castellano's horse came out for a hole that wasn't even there and cut off Martin Garcia's horse, Romp. Romp clipped heels, actually went down, unseated Garcia, who held on to the horse's neck and somehow managed to pull both himself -and- his horse back up by using Borel's horse to push off of. Borel, meanwhile, had to take up sharply because of both Romp clipping heels and Garcia coming off into him and nearly went down himself.
And so, in front of the racing world during the most watched Breeders Cup in history, Borel and Castellano decide to let fists fly on major network television.
Borel was absolutely enraged. I know the move was absolutely stupid of Castellano and you can bet he'll get days for that alone-- but come ON guys. This is the sport of kings, not hockey.


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