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Sep. 18th, 2010

Since there was a little interest, I've gone ahead and made a Facebook for this blog.  http://www.facebook.com/gatetowire.fb   <--here!

The students at NARA get Saturdays off-- it's a day to recover our brains and bodies, and help prevent burnout.  I'm grateful for this day off, since I'm a little more banged up than I had wanted to be.  I have some serious concerns (to the point of "I should see a doctor about this") about my right ankle, which has been nothing but problematic, and the fingers of my left hand, which feel like I have pulled every tendon and ligament in them to the breaking point.  Flexing them (and holding reins) makes them ache like I punched something at a bad angle, and waking up every morning is actual agony.  I have to use my other hand (which is stiff as well, but not like the left) to forcibly curl the fingers into a fist a few times to get them to loosen up.  It's been this way for two weeks now.  I've been treating both the ankle and the fingers with some IcyHot, but I'm sure I should see someone about them before I do myself serious long-term injury.  Hopefully I can be nice to both of them this weekend, and let them recover enough to ride with less pain next week. 

So, with nothing else to do today, I figure I'll go kill some time at Keeneland again!  I live about 10 minutes from the track, and I've already been down to the yearling sales twice, but both times I neglected to bring my camera.  I was there when Zenyatta's nephew sold, and saw this guy go, as well.  I stood next to Bob Baffert for about twenty minutes the first day (though I didn't want to bother him, so I didn't speak to him), and Chip Woolley the second (to the same effect).  I saw Todd Pletcher walk behind me, and have seen some absolutely beautiful babies.  What amazed me most about the first night (which was the opening night of the Select Sale) was how fast those numbers in the pricetags climb while the auctioneer is calling.  They don't raise by the 500s, or the 1000s, like they do at the Minnesota Yearling Sale--- they raised by the -fifty-thousands- (and the ten-thousands during the regular books).

It's good to see that there seems to be a healthy appetite for yearlings this year; I think that cutting back the number of horses in the sale and changing the format of the books has helped.  

This time, I'll bring the camera and share some of the action with you!

In other news--- New Bute Rule is a Go.

"The unanswered question by those in opposition to the proposed policy change is why a horse in pain requiring an administration of phenylbutazone at their suggested level should be racing."



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Sep. 18th, 2010 05:40 pm (UTC)
Love the Bute rule - it's beyond past due.

Friended the Facebook page!
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